Aim_College, wait, Aim_Campus, already taken, and finally Aim_Kampus!

At first, this map was named aim_college. But search engine result shows that the name has already been used. Then it was changed to aim_campus. We also plan to make the DE version. Unfortunately, the name de_campus also has been taken. Finally we decide to name it KAMPUS. Both de_kampus and aim_kampus are still available! Besides, it sounds more Asian too, lol.

Welcome to the campus kampus!
Aim_Kampus preview in Counter Strike 1.6
Aim_Kampus preview in Condition Zero
De_Kampus preview in Counter Strike 1.6
De_Kampus preview in Condition Zero

-Map Design & Texture are based from Emmanuel College, Cambridge
-WAD Texture by
+czde_chateau.wad(TurtleRock Studios), cs_hk.wad(Nexon)
-Mapping & compile by

The campus is famous of its science. Some students wanted to show their talents in drama. They were rejected and were expelled. Few years later, they return -now armed- to teach their (former) campus a lesson.

Download links:
aim_kampus for Counter Strike 1.6 and Condition Zero
de_kampus for Counter Strike 1.6 and Condition Zero

Watch the video preview here:

Enjoy fragging at the campus! 😀

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