October 8th 2011 Update

This is the first CSPB Reborn update.
We have some new skins for CS Source, but we need to do some checks and fixes before uploading them. But don’t worry, we’ll have them ready within a few days.

While waiting, you can download these new stuffs:

1. New 138 backgrounds from Point Blank (Thailand)
25 backgrounds from Point Blank wallpaper
113 backgrounds from Point Blank map

2. Annoying Orange Spray Logos
Annoying Orange spray logos
Download Annoying Orange Spray Logos

3. Korean Point Blank Radio Sounds
Having this radio sounds installed, you’ll hear Korean radio commands like “지원이 필요하다”(Jiwoni piryohada – Need backup), “알아다”(Arada – Roger That/Affirmative), “엄호하라” (Eomhohara – Cover me), and so on.
Download Korean Point Blank Radio Sounds

We hope you enjoy these updates… and happy weekend! 😀

You may share the update by providing this link:

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