How to Make a Simple Escape Map

Terrorists Escape Map in Counter Strike
An example of terrorists escape map in Counter Strike

This post explains general steps to make a simple playable Counter Strike terrorists escape map. You can learn the details at Superjer

Map Installation:
Put cstrike in your Counter Strike 1.6 or Condition Zero installation folder.

Valve Hammer Editor or QuarK (Quake Army Knife)
Texture: halflife.wad
Compiler: ZHLT

Required entities:
info_player_start (CT Spawn)
info_player_deathmatch (T Spawn)
light (self explanatory)
func_escapezone (self explanatory)

How to define the size of escape zone:
Make a normal block brush, cover it with texture named ‘AAATrigger’ (see the rmf file). Click the brush. Press Ctrl+T (Tie to Entity). Choose func_escapezone. Done 😀
Extra entities (optional): info_map_parameters (Fill with ‘Only CT’s can buy guns’ so terrorists can’t buy weapons)
armoury_entity (Put it around T spawn for more balanced game)

Happy Mapping! 😀
Download the map and project file here

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