How to Make a Simple FightYard Map

Fightyard Map in Counter Strike
An example of fightyard map in Counter Strike

This post explains general steps to make a simple playable Counter Strike fightyard map. You can learn the details at Superjer

Map Installation:
Put cstrike in your Counter Strike 1.6 or Condition Zero installation folder.

Valve Hammer Editor or QuarK (Quake Army Knife)
Texture: halflife.wad
Compiler: ZHLT

Required entities:
info_player_start (CT Spawn)
info_player_deathmatch (T Spawn)
light (self explanatory)
info_map_parameters (buy setting)
armoury_entity (weapon spawn)

Choose “Neither CT’s nor T’s can buy guns” in Weapon Buying options, so neither player teams can buy any guns.

Fill “item” with desired weapons (mp5, m4a1, etc)

Happy Mapping! 😀
Download the map and project file here

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